Get Prepared for the Future of SEO

Do you know that the bulk backlink building process is outdated now?

Yes, and its time you make the change. Sending random pitches to different bloggers and carrying out automated emails still works today. But, do you know that there are certain backlink strategies which can help you get the best result?

This is absolutely true and here I am going to share those secrets with you.

Get out of the couch

Now it is time that you ditch your computer screen and come out of your comfort zone. This is the time you meet the local community and build connections. Instead of meeting the business people from behind the screen, it is time you get to them face to face and offer them something that they cannot say no to.

In person business meeting
Attending networking events and trying to build your name within the community should be your priority. In case you are a florist, you can come up with your best arrangement and deliver them to the businesses in your area.

Ask them to talk about your flower arrangement on their blog and even share a few pictures. This will make your flowers famous among the different business and at the same time work as an effective cross-promotion strategy among the businesses from the SEO perspective.

Monitor the site

In terms of SEO, Google’s algorithm mainly focuses on the backlinks. Rank stability of a website is also determined by the number of quality links that are pointed towards it. This helps to know whether the website is important or not.

Things were different a few years back. At that time, webmasters used to build non-authoritative links which were of low quality and used to point them back to their website. Definitely, this trick worked but, it did not last long. Such websites were caught by Google and penalized.

Current scenario

Link Relations to the SERP
Webmasters were just left with two options after Google started to penalize the poor quality links that they created. They either had to give up the whole link building process or come up with another strategy like Digital PR to promote the business or its products on other websites. This was done the following ways:

  • Pitching PR contents
  • Contributing contents on other websites
  • Cross promoting products and services with your manufacturers or vendors

If you are still trying to build backlinks using the way of digital PR then it is really a thing to appreciate.

Backlinks are important

When it comes to backlinks, you will get them from different websites. Most of the time they all are not created equally. The success of a business is when the word is spread by people who are well-known in the industry. Same goes for online business! If you get a backlink from websites that are authoritative in the field, it creates a trust factor.

Having a right number of links from right websites are very important if you want this SEO technique to prosper. Getting a link from high ranking website is better than getting 100 links from low authority websites. High ranking websites give away very few number of links and so chances of getting more number of links towards your website are not that easy. It is like being part of an exclusive club.

Get off the track

Backlinks are very important from the SEO perspective but, you have to work your way out to build a different kind of relationship. For the same reason, I had mentioned earlier that it is time you get out of your room and get in touch with the local community.

By carrying out backlinks you will be able to attract new customers as well as new potential clients towards your website. Getting your space established in the local market by having backlinks on other local websites is also important. This will help you establish trust in the local market when they link back to you.

So if you too are applying the same old backlink strategy, then it is time you change and come out of your comfy chair to take your business to the next level.

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