How to Ensure SEO and Content Marketing Goes Hand in Hand

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a mechanism of getting organic traffic to a website. It mainly focuses on growing visibility in Search Engine Result Page(SERP). It comprises of both creative and technical factors in improving the traffic of your website.

Content Marketing is an approach that involves creation of valuable content and promoting it to the relevant target audience. Marketing an informative text and visuals on your website for increasing traffic to a website.

Content and SEO team plan
Content Marketing is a component of the SEO. But, Content is like a soul in the SEO. So, it is necessary to maintain balance between both of them. To improve organic search engine results, it is essential to see if both the approaches go hand in hand.

Basic Differences Between Content Marketing & SEO

Yes, SEO and Content Marketing differentiate on a sensitive area. Few difference points are listed as under:

  • SEO is Technical and narrower concept
  • Whereas, Content Marketing is universal and broader approach

Though ambitions of SEO and Content Marketing vary from each other, but it is possible to collaborate with both of them. Content Marketing is used to apply SEO in a broader way. Contradictory, SEO techniques are implemented for the content marketing.

There comes an intersection where both approaches meet together to improve the SEO results. Here I reveal techniques to integrate SEO and Content Marketing.

1. Original and Quality Content

Focus on creating informative and creative content that drives more audience. It is essential to go only for the original content and achieve a win-win situation. The technical mechanism that is needed to promote your created content can be implemented through SEO.

From a perspective of SEO, engaging and original content would lead into profitable action. Do proper research, plan a topic, place your targeted keywords and add internal links to it. This procedure would result in the improvement of the driven traffic.

2. Create Evergreen Content


Trends are changing each new day and preferences fluctuate accordingly. So, to mark your presence, it is necessary to publish unique content. Adopt a strategy to create evergreen content for your website.
When you opt for the trendy topics, it will perform well on Google when it is fresh. But, with the fluctuations in the trend it would perish.

Due to this reason, outcome would not be beneficial for a long-term in driving traffic to your website. To get recognized by the Google, you should come up with the engaging content which would help in linking better. Furthermore, valuable and informative content would positively impact on over a longer span of time.

3. Keyword Integration

Keyword acts like a backbone in SEO. It is a vital element of content marketing, which also performs well in SEO. Discover a powerful keyword for your website and blend it with the quality content. Make sure you add keywords to all the relevant content and links. Also, you may add those keywords to URL and improve your search engine rankings. Effective implementation of the keywords helps in gaining links and drive more traffic to your site.

On one side, content team comes up with their intellectual factors such as writing skills, creativity and imagination. On the contrary, SEO team delivers competitive keywords, long-tail keywords, linking and much more tips of the effective distribution. Also, you can create interactive content such as polls, quizzes, infographics and whatnot. This way you can pull a number of people engaging with your content.

4. Link Building

Create powerful content and pull links on your side. Plan a strategy in such a way that it attracts external pages links on your website. For this purpose, you just need to create evergreen content and SEO will build links. This combination would be helpful in collecting more backlinks and link building.

Through more linking, website indexing increases and you would earn high rankings in search engine results.

5. Internal Linking

Design your website in such a way that its pages are internally linked with each other. Compose a link-worthy site and watch the magnetic effect that pulls traffic towards your website. This is an assured way to promote your content with the SEO goals.

This internal linking would assist in allowing Google to crawl your website that would result in ranking high. Furthermore, this practice would be helpful for the users to reach relevant content and can get desired information for your website.

SEO and Content Marketing are two extremes. But, the success of digital marketing lies within a parallel flow of both approaches. You can say both are influenced by each other. If creativity and technicality goes hand-in-hand, then ultimate outcome is guaranteed. Make an optimum use of the creative content team and technical skills of SEO team to augment your SEO results of the website.

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