Why Your Content Marketing Is Failing and How to Fix It

Content marketing is very effective part of digital marketing which can help businesses to extend their reach and thereby drive more traffic towards the website. In short, it helps businesses to achieve their goals.

Still, a number of businesses are finding that the content marketing strategies that they are applying are not effective enough or like it is not doing well for them.

So here in this post, you will find some of the reasons of why content marketing is failing in the first place and what you can do to improve the scenario.

Content is short

When it comes to developing a content, there is no specific word count. Most of the time it depends on a number of factors like the topic, the place where you are promoting it as well as the audience.

Keeping that in mind, marketers have tried out contents with different lengths and figured out the average one that can help them get some result. Different people came up with different lengths but as a whole, longer contents were appreciated and received a better response.


Some of the big websites have found that on an average contents were expected to be around 1500 words. If the content was shorter than that they were not effective enough and failed to get shares and expected rankings.

The fix: The quality of the content is definitely more important than its length. Still, it has been found that contents that are longer expressed the idea very well and clicked among the readers. The majority of the blog posts try to reach 1,100 words. If the aim is to create evergreen contents then it should have minimum 1,500 – 2,000 words.

Content is not unique

Today a large number of businesses get involved in content marketing in one or the other form. This simply means that whatever you create as a piece of content faces enormous competition in the market. Chances are more that such contents will tend to get fewer shares or links.

So to stand out from the competition it is necessary to come up with contents that are relevant, unique as well as provides an important input towards the industry.

The fix: One of the biggest challenges that content marketers face is to come up with content ideas that are unique and original. They have to come up with something that has not been published elsewhere. So look for content ideas that are most read and talked about and develop yours.

Not having a specific content plan

Some of the business owners or webmasters think that simply posting an content occasionally will do the job and offer good results. Unfortunately, this does more harm that helping you get any positive result.

If you want to succeed, you have to try consistently. You have to provide a constant dose of content from time and again to keep your audience hooked. If you only have content when you have to sell something or promote something, then chances are low that you will have your audience there to hear you out. Few audience means less traffic and fewer sales.

Content Plan

The fix: You can begin with a simple content marketing plan. Once you have it in place, stick to it. Even though you are not posting frequently, just try to be consistent. You should have a clear plan about what type of content you prefer to create and promote. You should be clear about your content marketing goals which can be used to measure ROI.

Content not search optimized

In the last few years, we have heard that the web traffic has been greatly influenced by social media referrals. But based on the report from a well-known firm, you can have 10 times more traffic directly from search than what you get from social media.

Having amazing social media presence is not enough, you also have to rank for popular keywords that can help you beat the competition in the market. One of the best ways to boost your rankings in the search results is to optimize your content.

The fix: It is very important for the businesses to come up with contents that are optimized for the search. There are a number of on-page strategies which you can follow. This includes placing keywords in title tag, URL, headings, alt image tags and wherever necessary in the content.

Making use of internal linking among your web pages is also very important and even getting backlinks from authority websites will help you establish trust. Making your website responsive for the mobile users is also another big step you can take to optimize the website.

Absence of content marketing goals

Simply having a goal without a plan is not going to help you out. If you want your content marketing to be effective, you must have some plans set that can help to achieve your goals.

Content Marketing Goals
With a larger part of the marketing budget spend on content marketing, you need to be sure about your goals and how you plan to reach there. If you fail to do so, you will be wasting a good amount of money.

The fix: You can check the effectiveness and progress of your strategies by setting up specific goals. Certain goals that you need to set are:

  • Increased leads
  • Traffic generation
  • Social shares
  • Links towards your website

Content marketing is definitely an effective marketing strategy that any business can opt for. It will help you get traffic and drive more sales. Increasing your reach as well as providing higher ROIs is an evident result of content marketing. So in case you are not able to see evident results as a part of your content marketing strategy, then it is time you should check what might be holding you back!

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